Orangery - CODAworx


Submitted by Barbara Idzikowska

Client: European Capital of Culture 2016

Location: Wrocław, Poland

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $145,000

Project Team


Anne Claude Jeitz


Alain Calliste


Jakub Lech


Barbara Idzikowska


The multimedia installation. International Project. 28 sculptures, each in the form of the enormous slice of orange, of a diameter 60 cm. Flameworked, from tiny borosilicate glass threads in an as precise process as weaving laces. Suspended in the space from stainless steel ellipse of dimension 300x500cm. Sculptures are illuminated by dynamic sequences of digital images, synchronized with sound. The white light, penetrating the tangled glass rods – like in a prism – is split into all the colors of the rainbow. Then reaches the floor and creates mysterious moving images.


An orangery as a place, a building, a garden in bloom independent of nature, the climate or season of the year, thanks to human resourcefulness (habitus). Here, beautiful but vulnerable plants can flourish and bear fruit and their very presence in the place and time overcoming the terms of nature imbues them with an additional aesthetic and even ethical value. The aim was to integrate space, sound, and light with glass sculptures as the centerpiece. To achieve the magical effect through involving emotions and senses of the participants.


It is a great challenge to bring artists of different media in one project. Even bigger, if they are coming from different countries. Fortunately only 3: Poland, Luxembourg, and France (EU consisted of 28!). Some meetings, however, result with the enormous amount of energy and it is possible to create the process of exchange and artistic collaboration. Building this unique work of art step by step over 3 years gave us the chance to bring into the project our best skills. Many institutions and individuals have contributed to this success. The miracle was the final effect.

Additional Information

After 3 years of preparations, "Orangery" was finally accomplished during the 3-month residency in the frame of Wroclaw European Capital Of Culture 2016, in the Atelier Si, Pb…, the workshop of Barbara Idzikowska. "Orangery" was shown to the public in Poland (twice) and Luxembourg achieving great applause from the audience. "Orangery" is looking forward to finding the permanent place to blossom.