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Open Your Heart light sculpture in Taiwan


Location: Laiji Village, Taiwan

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


George Berlin

George Berlin Studios


Corbett Wall

Rebalance Renaissance


Open Your Heart sits at the mouth of a mountain valley running to the heart of the region that was the hardest hit by a typhoon. Complementing the Tashan Tree of Light, Open Your Heart is a huge heart sculpture that shines like stained glass with the sun throughout the day, and beams from light within at night.

At its center it features an especially poignant keyhole design symbolizing the promise of a heart unlocked and open to resolving difficulty and tension. It lives nestled within the ridiculously beautiful river valley in the indigenous village of Laiji in Taiwan’s Alishan mountains.

We designed both sculptures to bring light, hope, energy, and revitalization to an area hard hit by Typhoon Morakat in 2009.


Open Your Heart was created to help heal an area devastated by typhoon, with hundreds suffering loss of life, livelihood, and connection with one another.


We worked with our local producer and Taiwanese fabricators to create this heart-warming sculpture as a beacon of love shining out into a valley in need of connection.

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