Submitted by Alison Pickett Corporate Art & Sculpture Consultants

Client: Great Eagle Properties Limited

Location: Hong Kong, China

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Polo Bourieau

Urban Rock International Limited

Landscape Architect

Neil Porter

Gustafson Porter + Bowman

Landscape Architect

Iris Hui

Urbis Limited


“Water & Mountains” stone sculptures by Polo. A collection of site specific commissioned sculptures inspired by the location of this luxury residential project, nestled between Tai Mo Shan mountain and Tolo Harbour. French sculptor Polo created a series of sculptures in stone, using the noble material of the earth and mountains, where the sculptures become part of a natural dialogue and extension of the landscape through the artwork, and vice versa, thus creating a collection that is both unique, organic and holistic.

“ORIGIN” 2 metres high, and two tonnes of white Carrara marble, a water ripple carved from a single block of stone, installed on a pin so that it can be rotated with a simple push of a child’s hand, thus connecting man to the earth’s stone by touch.

“CITY IN THE CLOUDS” a 2.5 m high sculpture carved in Bardiglio marble, defying gravity as it stands on a 20cm foot, this ‘floating city’ is offered as a refuge for the mind.

“LEGACY”; a water fountain carved from layers of silver travertine, a gentle hand with water flowing from the palm, a symbol of welcome and a reminder of the preciousness of water.


In harmony with the Clients ethos of the importance of nature to create an urban retreat, we wanted to create a collection of sculptures that worked in dialogue with each other, thus connecting different areas within the development through the art. "Origin" sited on the Great Lawn, a vast expanse of greenery for the residents to enjoy, which both unusual and impressive for Hong Kong. This sculpture is interactive, and can be easily moved on a highly engineering pin so the sculpture can pivot with a gentle push, inviting residents to connect to their environment by touch. Embrace the feel of skin against stone. "City In The Clouds" at the entrance to the Clubhouse symbolises a refuge, and is intended to remind visitors that their dream of luxury living has become a reality, that imagination and inspiration should be part of everyday life. "Legacy" is a water fountain in the Clubhouse, intended to offer a feeling of calmness and serenity to the residents, with the gentle sound of the water trickling through the fingers of the sculpture into the lotus pond. Thus many of our senses have been addressed and nurtured through these sculptures.


It's important for us that the Client is an essential and integral part of the creative process. When commissioning site specific sculptures, there is collaboration from everyone involved, from the quarrymen who cut the stone, through to the crane operators who help to install the finished sculptures. It's a journey we all embark on together, a synchronised choreography through an industrial process to arrive at a beautiful piece of art. Without the Client's vision, the beautiful environments designed and created by the landscape architects, architects, and interior designers, we have no destination in which to place our art. Without the creativity and inspiration of the artist, the art itself would not exist. So the process to bring any project to life relies on the teamwork of all those involved, along with the desire to achieve a successful and beautiful project!