Oneirotica - CODAworx


Client: Burning Man Organization

Location: Black Rock City, NV, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team

Structural engineer/CAD

Rafael Heredia Moreno

Structural frame fabrication

David Albanese


Brian Sullivan


Oneiros: reflecting that which arises from the deep well of divine dreams Eros: Archetypal life force, the creative pulse, excitation Oneirotica : A giant, iridescent mirror-steel orchid draws us in with dazzling magenta, reflective petals, rising like a shrine from the future. As we move beyond the allure of our own reflections, we alight and take our place at an altar, where a book of “Nectar” awaits, offering gifts of reflective questions and answers: What matters? Best insights? What truly stimulates, brings a deeper buzz to our lives? Diving into our well of experience, we draw forth these deeper treasures to savor and share at this cross-pollination station of meaning, abuzz with the creative pulse, fertile with inspiration, to brighten and lighten our path ahead.


create steel frame from elegant line-drawings to express and hold the radiant presence of petals and stars


After creating a basic model and establishing the patterns and lines, both of the dichroic petal segments as well as negative space, I colloborated with Rafael Heredia Moreno to establish the skeletal frame design to support the artistic panels. From these, Rafael Moreno and Brian Sullivan created files for laser cutting dichroic steel. I collaborated with lead fabricator/welderr . Davdi Albanese to establish a modular design and further complexity in the skeletal framework

Additional Information

This space defined place and sanctuary for several weddings and smaller ceremonies at Burning Man 2023.