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One Climate Eight Realities

Submitted by Emine Arikan


Location: Brooklyn, NY, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Emine Arikan

Rema Lab


Reshma Ramrattan

Rema Lab


One Climate Eight Realities consists of AI artworks by eight artists around the globe that depict the devastating impact of climate change on our natural environments, alongside an audio component that allows viewers to delve deeper into the art while listening to the soundtrack composed with the influence of the same data set used for the visual art. For this collection, we created a climate change data set using satellite imagery that represents deforestation and rising water levels. This dataset was then shared with eight AI artists to create their own interpretation of climate change. We specifically collaborated with artists from around the world to give a global perspective to a global crisis. By combining physical images with digital information, we aim to create a powerful visual representation of the urgent need for action on climate change, while also encouraging viewers to engage more deeply with the data and science behind this critical issue. The collection is live as NFTs on Opensea and Codamade platforms. In addition, we curated a physical exhibition with a blend of digital and physical works. This included digital artworks meticulously transferred onto acrylic prints and dynamic GAN-generated videos displayed on screens, enhancing the multidimensional appeal.


We believe that making art is the most innovative way to help humans understand the impact of climate change. The collection employs artificial intelligence as a lens to explore visual art for today’s climate forward and NFT savvy audience. 1 Climate 8 Realities rethinks environmentalism in the context of art-technology relationships. We specifically collaborated with artists from around the world to give a global perspective to a global crisis. Our primary objective was to demonstrate the diverse interpretations of a single dataset processed through AI by eight distinct artists. This unique approach generated eight vastly different perspectives on the global crisis, showcasing the intersection of data, art, and individual interpretation.


As the curators of this project, we collected a dataset of satellite images from data agencies. We have preprocessed and resized the a dataset of 5000+ images to share with the 8 artists. We commissioned artists who specifically work with deep learning networks to generate art. Once the dataset was ready, we have shared it with the selected artist and asked them to reflect their interpretation of the climate change crisis. They were asked to record themselves coding and provide their process along with explanation of each artwork. We prepared a behind the scenes video using all this information. We produced 2 events one at a traditional gallery and one NFT launch event in collaboration with WILD Foundation. And finally our collection was selected to be part of Phygital Cities of the Future curated by Tam and Phil at CodaSummit NFT event.

Additional Information

Beginning of 2022, we started Rema Creative Research Lab with the intention of building experiences that allow the opportunity to explore the intersection of artificial intelligence and creativity. Rema’s mission is to catalyze meaningful work while building awareness and understanding of the ways that artificial intelligence can revive the art world while giving the artists and audience opportunity to reflect on social issues. We were selected to be part of the Phygital Cities of the Future during CODA's first NFT summit and were honored to join the amazing artists bridging digital and physical.