Omnipresence - CODAworx


Client: Queensland Museum

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Daniel Iregui


Sound and Music

Mauricio Iregui


OMNIPRESENCE is an audiovisual interactive mise en abyme that highlights technology’s ability to curate our digital persona.
The piece invites visitors to move around a digital infinity mirror that endlessly multiplies their reflection using video feedback. Before projecting the recorded video of the moving participants back onto the screen, software tweaks some of the image properties distorting the perception of time and space.

Whether they are upside-down images, delayed projections, reversed recordings or simply true untampered reflections, the infinitely mirrored body images lose their symmetry and seem to move at their own will, disconnected from the audience members initially triggering them.


A disorienting journey defying dimensions, OMNIPRESENCE makes you lose control of your own actions, causing diverting yet uneasy feelings about our impotence in the face of the digital world.