OmChakra - CODAworx


Submitted by Jennifer Espenscheid

Client: Don Ballard

Location: Vancouver Island, Canada

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $15,000

Project Team


Jennifer Espenscheid

The Soma Show/ The Soma Gallery LLC

Industry Resource

JP Persitza

PCI Creative


OmChakra is a three-panel symbolic portrait that is 8'x10'x8'. The piece combines acrylic for depth with oil on wood and then is set in steel and mesh frames. Changing back lighting and a lighting extension in front energize the piece, activating it within the space.


The client sent pictures of a wall he had been saving for the perfect impactful and meaningful piece. Through a discovery process we uncovered important personal details to influence the design. He wanted something to represent the things in life he truly loved, his three sons. He wanted the piece to remind him of his priorities as well as his place in the Universe. The chosen symbols communicate his love of freedom, the location on Vancouver Island and animals that were sacred to him, the Whale and the Eagle. Four sets of wings represent him and his sons in front of a giant whale tail. The vivid colors of the Chakras convey the importance of connection and energy. The Heart Chakra, our powerful generator, is a compass (true North) with Earth in the horizon line of our Solar System--his very physical and spiritual coordinates.


I created concepts for the client and through our interactions developed a final concept he was very pleased with. I worked with JP at PCI to create the frames and integrated lighting in his shop while I added texture and painted the panels at my studio across town. The piece was sent to Vancouver Island on a dedicated truck, and I flew out to direct installation. The lighting effects and scale perfectly suit the space.

Additional Information

To make it an ever-changing and purposeful piece, lighting was integrated behind and in front so any Chakra can be predominant and glowing or the colors can gently change. The lighting effects bring the painting to life. It breathes and pulses with different aspects growing in and out of focus. It transforms the mood of the entire space and is delightfully interactive!