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OLAMINA: Earthseeds space for the Living

Submitted by Quentin VerCetty

Client: Waterfront Toronto

Location: Toronto , ON, Canada

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Quentin VerCetty

VerCetty Made It Studios

concept consultant, studio assistant

Queen Kukoyi

BSAM Canada

concept advisor, studio assistant

Nico Taylor

BSAM Canada

Fabricator, engineer

Shaun Walker

Imagine It 3D


In efforts to activate a transformative community space amidst the pandemic, the sculpture uses folklore narratives about water spirits helping people from Anishanbee Indigenous people and Yoruba West African cultures. The sculpture contains a green wall and shelving for people to place plants or a note of healing and affirmation offering for things they want to grow in their own lives.
LOCATION: Aitken Place Park, Toronto, Ontario
MEDIUM: Polyurethane hard coat, epoxy paint, concrete, wood, topiary
DIMENSIONS: 2.3m (7.5’) by 1.2m (3.9’


Create community engagement, geared toward families with young children and connect the community to ancient Indigenous knowledge around water and the ability to set good intentions and manifestation.


Digital sculpt was rapid prototyped and partially 3D printed and cnc cut, then sanded, coated, and painted with automotive paint then layered with protective topcoats.