Office of the Registrar - CODAworx

Office of the Registrar


Client: University of Wisconsin-Madison

Location: Madison, WI, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $6,000

Project Team


Lisa Frank

Lisa Frank Photography

Interior Designer

Lesley Hayman Sager

University of Wisconsin Design Studies Department


Leslie Frank

Industry Resource

Steve Walsten

Starprintz Printing


I was contacted to create photo murals for the new offices of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Office of the Registrar. These would be featured in two of its more intimate meeting spaces. The dimensions of the conference room wall was 114″H x 168″W. The sitting room was 114″H x 123″W.


The goal was to give each room dramatic focus with visuals that were unusual, curious and inviting. It was of particular interest that the subject matter of the artwork would uniquely depict flora native to Wisconsin. For one wall a “floral” featured colorful varieties of “Turkey Tail” bracket fungi interspersed with mosses. The other used the leaves of sumac and the autumnal fruit of the jack-in-the-pulpit interspersed with traces of textile patterns. Each collage was constructed from many scanographs - images that are inherently dramatic and mysterious. This process involves taking “pictures” of individual objects positioned carefully on a scanner bed - mushrooms arranged as petals of a flower for instance. Each picture is then pieced together in photoshop to create larger composites.


Two art works from my website were selected by the project design team. Each original had a pre-existing pattern structure but had not been set up as traditional wallpaper. For meetings with the design team I made many test prints experimenting with the imagery at different scales. Ultimately the designers and clients determined the appropriate size of the imagery for each space.
I added additional material to each original once scale was determined, adjusting color as needed. I then set the artwork into a formal repeat structure so that each could be printed seamlessly.
Following the approval of strip proofs the designs were printed on 20oz vinyl coated fabric wallpaper. They were provided as 50” wide panels with additional 2” laps and were hung by professional paper hangers.