Submitted by Nicole Landau


Client: Private

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $850,000

Project Team

Artist Representation

Wendy Posner

Posner Fine Art

Fine Artist

Nicole Landau

Nicole Landau Corp


The OCULUS UNI-VERSE Sculpture continues my exploration of the String Theory and the One Song of the universe. This sculpture is a more personal experience where you can meditate, walk within and if you sing or play music to the sculpture, the sound and vibration is received by the sculpture and responds with your own personal UNI-VERSE lighting up around you.

It is an abstraction of Bride’s Veil Mushroom. Mushrooms are about creation, resurrection, regeneration, pulse of eternal knowledge, nature’s intelligence. Mushrooms are the fruit, but the mycelium network, the mass of threads or root-like structure growing underground is how trees communicate, connect, swap nutrients through this network. In this One SONG of the UNI-VERSE vibration is the connection to everything.

Medium and Dimensions: 8.5’ Diameter x 16’H. Polycarbonate translucent shell over metal frame and LED Lights. The color of the sculpture can be changed by changing the color of the LED lights. Acoustic and Movement sensors can be turned on and off as specified by the client.


This sculpture is designed to be dynamic and captivating in any setting: an outdoor public sculpture garden, a grand entrance to a hotel, a centerpiece featured at a campus, a music festival or art fair.

Additional Information

This project is in development.