Submitted by Anaposada Mosaico

Client: Private

Location: Sugarloaf key, FL, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $5,000

Project Team

Ana Posada

Anaposada Mosaico

Carlos Vasquez


Cliente from Florida keys found my job through internet and he wanted to commission
a big octopus to be installed on his Yatch deck near the intracoastal area. He wanted a color and movement.
This mosaic was made with ceramic tile. Each tentacle has a different design, so this ad more movement a variety to the mosaic. All ceramic has the same height so has a smooth covering. The mosaic was well packaged from Colombia on a wood container. The mosaic was divided on 16 modules each perfectly packaged so the mesh won’t have any damage. Also we send photo of the mosaic assembled and the numbers of the modules in order to be installed.
The client is so satisfied and hire a great man to install the mosaic.


Our client owner of the home where the mosaic was installed, wanted to integrate the octopus to a entertainment area he was building for his family, so they have a Volley playa area, bbq and the boat with an octopus on his cabin.


On this process I worked just with my client since the mosaic was made in my country Colombia and send to United States.