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Ocean Avenue Penthouse: “Cumulous” Fiber Sculpture

Submitted by Sarah Barnard

Client: Private Residence

Location: Santa Monica , CA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $6,500

Project Team

Interior Design

Sarah Barnard

Sarah Barnard Design

Fiber Sculpture

Renae Barnard



“Cumulous,” a fiber sculpture by Renae Barnard, was commissioned to celebrate the natural environment surrounding a high rise residential home. Barnard wove the 30″ x 40″ sculpture from wire, thread, yarn, rope, lamp cord, and an assortment of additional new and recycled materials. The scavenging of the material variety and the technical process find inspiration from the house finches that nest in the feathery olive trees on the homeowner’s patio. The finches’ flight to the 19th floor to assemble homes by the clouds inspired the final form of “Cumulous.”


For the minimalist space to feel inviting and in line with the homeowner's ethics, it was essential to the designer that all specified items were responsibly sourced and contributed to the beauty of the home and the well-being of the clients. The goal of artwork in the clients' workspace was to provide creative inspiration while contributing to the calming effect of the residence's birds-eye view of the ocean. Commissioning artwork enabled the clients to meet all their design wishes, and working with a local artist known for their use of recycled materials aligned with the goal of a sustainable home closely connected to the community. The commissioned work ensures the minimal home feels personal and beautiful, avoiding the sterile connotations that may come with minimalist spaces.


The design studio sought artwork that referenced the natural surroundings of the home. With the ocean view so prominent throughout the household, the studio wished to highlight nearby natural elements that might require more careful observation, inviting anyone who entered the home to slow down and become increasingly mindful of their surroundings. After determining that the visiting finches would provide excellent inspiration, the design studio turned to artist Renae Barnard to turn this foundational concept into a series of small sculptural models for the client's approval. After seeing the installation space, artist Renae Barnard crafted the final sculpture to suit the scale and palette of the room, and the finches inspiring the design.

Additional Information

Sarah Barnard, WELL AP + LEED AP, is a leading designer of personalized, sustainable, restorative spaces that are deeply connected to nature and art. Barnard’s designs celebrate the natural world while contributing to its preservation. Barnard is an advocate for consciousness, inclusivity, and compassion in the creative process. Through her speaking engagements, pro-bono work, and writing, Barnard hopes to draw attention to these critical design objectives.