O.T. 950

Submitted by Stefan Reiss


Client: Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai

Location: Shanghai, China

Completion date: 2017

Project Team

Art Consultant

Huijun Guan

Here Your Art


Samuel Kung

MoCA Shanghai


Stefan Reiss


„O.T. 950“ was realised for the exhibition „Harper’s Bazaar 150th anniversary“ at Museum Of Contemporary Art Shanghai, China. The exhibition was an overview over fashion and accessories of the last decades connected to the Chinese fashion history.

Harper’s Bazaar invited several visual artists to develop art works, which should show autarkic, artistic positions in between the exhibition. In my art work „O.T. 950“ I’ve implemented new geometrical forms in an elliptical space from straight lines to triangles and polygons. These forms were also projected onto the wooden elements with a stunning animation containing 26 vivid colours.


Harper’s Bazaar and the organisers were completely open, so that I was able to create a new art work connected to former works, but adapted to the elliptical space.

The big challenge in creation was to find solutions to implement the geometrical forms, straight lines, triangles and polygons into the elliptical space. But through the big support of both exhibition management and installation team we managed to create a site-specific installation combining the option to walk through the installation and on the other hand to build an almost interactive space, which opens the boundaries and express an open space.


The organisers of the exhibition, Harper’s Bazaar and Here Your Art were extremely fast in finding solutions to create the art work. I had an extraordinary huge range of options to build the installation only ruled by health and safety of the audience, which lead us to remove some parts of the installation in order to avoid any injuries.

The whole process was very fast, interactive and an ideal blueprint for building installations.