NOVUS TEXTURA reweaving the urban fabric. - CODAworx

NOVUS TEXTURA reweaving the urban fabric.

Submitted by Novus Textura

Client: Calgary Downtown Association

Location: Calgary, AB, Canada

Completion date: 2023

Project Team


Gordon Skilling


Jolie Bird

Executive Director

Mark Garner

Calgary Downtown Association


Ian Washbrook



Adam Weir

Carvel Creative


Dallas Hill

Crystal Services


Representing the metaphor of the urban fabric by converting the existing, sculptural Galleria Trees into a giant loom, in expressing the transformational energy that has been surging through our city since the first days of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Its location highlights the pedestrian block as an important downtown gateway node with its multi-modal flows, and infrastructures. In combining the art of weaving within a urban landscape narrative, this public art installation is an engaging reflection of local identity during a pivotal time in our city’s history.


Representing the turbulent changes to our city over the past several years, NOVUS TEXTURA plays with representing the metaphor of the urban fabric. The work connects to its audience through engaging sculptures and colorful, large-scale weaving, transforming a whole city block, and inviting the public to experience downtown from a new and vibrant perspective.

Although known for its an oil and gas industry, the City of Calgary (pop. 1.3 million) is consistently ranked among the top ten most livable cities in the world, with a vibrant arts and culture scene. Most recently Calgary has begun receiving both national and international attention through its diversifying economy; in expanding as a tech sector destination; and its progressive, incentivised, adaptive reuse policies in addressing downtown commercial vacancy. Through local ingenuity and creativity, NOVUS TEXTURA is a poetic reflection on these demanding yet valuable transformations in how the very urban fabric of our core is literally being rewoven.


NOVUS TEXTURA is a public art installation completed after three years of development between artists and a team of multidisciplinary partners in bringing an artistic vision to life.

The project was supported by the Calgary Downtown Association (CDA), a non-profit Business Improvement Area (BIA) representing over 2,500 businesses in a 120 block area, who advocate for Downtown’s prosperity and resilience on behalf of all Calgarians. It was funded through the Government of Canada’s Canada Community Revitalization Fund (CCRF).