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Northside Hospital Cherokee

Client: Northside Hospital Cherokee

Location: Canton, GA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $325,000

Project Team

Art Consultant

Kristen Rolando

Art Initiative

Art Consultant

Kira Kuhn Elmore

Art Initiative


Thor & Jennifer Bueno

Bueno Glass


Cat Tesla


Kristina Laurendi Havens


Jennifer Carter


Art Initiative worked with the Northside Hospital Cherokee Art Committee and the Atlanta-based Interior Design firm K2J, to procure over 875 pieces of artwork for this new-build hospital in Cherokee County, a vibrant and growing area north of Atlanta.


Our goals were clear from the outset of the project, that we would incorporate as much of the wealth of talented artists' works from Cherokee County and the surrounding areas as we could in the public areas of this state of the art new-build facility. The results are a beautiful testament to the soul of the community and the talented artists who are represented throughout the facility.


Through involving the community, we became aware of how the people who lived in and around Cherokee County were in absolute awe of their surroundings. Known for its lush, mountainous vistas, idyllic pastures and lakes, we soon discovered that everyone we talked with had a story for us-about where they took their dogs to swim, where their families hiked and picnicked, where they were proposed to or where generations of family met for lunch on Sundays. We came up with the idea for a photo series based on these conversations we named "Cherokee, A Place I Love" The idea was to involve the hospital staff personally, by asking them to submit their favorite beautiful and meaningful places in and around the hospital. We then sent a Cherokee County photographer out to the various submitted places to photograph the submissions we received. What resulted was surprising, even to us. The photography we received for the series was not only a stunning tribute to the beauty of the area, but also an intimate look into the stories of the families of the staff of the hospital.

Additional Information

The focal commissioned series of three for the Lobby Area by Atlanta artist Cat Tesla and the 200 piece blown glass wall sculpture by Bueno Glass are standout pieces. The Bueno Glass sculpture is the artists' largest piece to date and represents the elements of the landscape of Cherokee County hinting at water-worn river rocks, moss covered stones and a metallic accent to represent the city of Atlanta.