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900 North Michigan Shops


Client: JMB Realty Corporation

Location: Chicago, IL, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


ESI Design


KJWW Engineering


OKW Architects

Industry Resource

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products

Industry Resource



Brenda Bergen

Wink Design


900 North Michigan Shops enlisted ESI Design to transform their mall into an immersive 21st century experience.

This transformation centers on a 1,083-square-foot digital art installation integrated into the ceiling. Visible from all seven floors of the mall, the media creates an ever-evolving tapestry with pre-rendered video, software-generated animation and dynamic media templates.

Trompe l’oeil effects leverage the panel layout of the ceiling, making it appear to open and close. Ultra-HD skylight modes connect the mall’s interior and exterior, introducing the feeling of an outdoor space. Kaleidoscope-like moments, featuring images of actual products, reflect the lifestyle identity of the mall.


900 North Michigan Shops wanted to attract new shoppers and entice retailers in the era of the digital consumer.

To achieve this, ESI Design created a spectacular digital ceiling unlike anything that’s ever been installed in a mall environment. “The Canopy” is a 190-foot LED digital art installation fully integrated into the atrium ceiling. The digital tapestry redefines the visitor experience, puts the mall tenants front and center, and adds the “wow” factor that 900 North Michigan Shops was looking for.


Working with the client, we developed a wide range of media modes to bring the shopping center to life.

One of the modes is a dynamic media template which can be updated in real-time to feature actual product and brand imagery as well as to promote special events. These templates are easily changeable, and we worked closely with the client to create a flexible, intuitive CMS (content management system) to update The Canopy.