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“North Drive CityScape”

Client: Accel Construction Management

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2023

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Heather Kocsis

Heather Kocsis


Accel Construction

Accel Construction


A multidimensional extraordinary wall-sculpture cityscape celebrating the architectural excellence of six exemplary Toronto, Canada, condominium buildings constructed by Accel Construction Management, created by North Drive Investments.

Oil on wood, 24 in x 42 in x 8.5 in, 2023.


North Drive Investments build luxurious condominium properties. Through excellence and appreciation of the finest architectural details, Accel Construction wanted to show their appreciation for their highly valued client.

This streetscape does not exist, yet through site research, a visceral understanding of North Drive’s values, and considering the proportions of the structures, (some yet to be built), Heather first proposed a drawing for Accel's approval.

With respect for the architectural integrity of the condominiums, Heather built a composition with intention to communicates the beauty of the buildings in a dynamic and inviting composition.
The nature and tree elements also anchor in the depth and layers of the work.

The properties from Left to Right:

The High Park
4 Kingsway
36 Birch
Picnic Condos
One Forest Hill
10 Prince Arthur


Accel Construction Management connected with Heather after experiencing an exhibition of her architectural wall-sculptures at an industry event.

Accel expressed their intention of gifting an extraordinary artwork to their long-standing client: North Drive Investments. Heather's work synthesized design, construction, architecture, and painting into a fine, multi-dimensional artwork.

A telephone conversation and communicating the intention of the artwork, with size, and budget, a contract was signed and a compositional drawing was proposed within a designated timeframe.

Once the drawing was approved, building began. Heather supplied timely updates on the process.

A custom box was built for the artwork and a Certificate of Authenticity was provided.

Meeting the time deliverable, Heather was able to personally deliver the artwork and present it to Accel Construction Management.

Additional Information

"Heather captured the fine architectural details of each individual building and brought them together in this incredible multi-dimensional cityscape. We are truly amazed by Heather's talents and we want to sincerely thank her for the time, dedication and effort she committed to creating this magnificent work of art." - Accel Construction Managment