North Boulder Arts District Entrance Mural

Submitted by Christopher Warren


Client: NoBo Arts District

Location: BOULDER, CO, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $2,500

Project Team

Art Consultant

Leah Brenner Clack

And Art Space


NoBo Arts District

NoBo Arts District


Christopher Warren

Beatnik Prints


This entrance mural to the North Boulder (NoBo) Arts District features the topography of the Boulder foothills running down the rocky mountains and meeting the great plains. There is a “You Are Here” pin in the image, at the front of the building, showing the building's location in the map itself.


The goal for this piece was to serve as an entrance mural to the North Boulder Arts District, located at the south end of the district. The bright colors and interesting shapes grab peoples attention, and it is impossible to miss while driving on the main thoroughfare in the district.


The design was submitted for a public vote/committee process. Once it was selected, there was some back and forth between the artist and the NoBo bourd of directors on the colors for the final product