Foundation Nightclub


Client: Foundation Nightclub

Location: Seattle, WA, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $35,000

Project Team


Julie Conway

ILLUMINATA art glass design


Chad Anderson/ USC Events

Foundation Nightclub

Interior Designer

Jeremy Jones


Creating a series of glass lighting that would be part of a larger collective installation for new hot nightclub of Seattle. The original collection includes 5 installations of 3 bar areas, a VIP lounge, and the entry foyer Chandelier.


Both the club owner and the designer loved my work when they visited my studio in Seattle. For 2 of the installations, we built on concepts from existing collections. For the 3 bar areas, I invented 3 new pendant collections to enhance the design and the feel of each area of the club. The elements were silver leaf, metal, glass and light to coordinate with the opulent design elements of the club, including hand-crafted wallpaper, leather sofas, marble sinks and counters and specialty LED’s. The work illuminates the club-goers and compliments the high-tech light and sound system, while illuminating a space of luxurious fun.


The club owners and designers loved my initial concepts and trusted my work as an artist for me to deliver something spectacular. With open creative communication, the results were exciting and unique for the commission. I am happy to say the crowded nightclub has taken care of their specialty lighting and was listed as one of the top 100 Nightclubs in the USA 2013.

Additional Information

I use my skills as a glassmaker and lighting designer to interpret the custom requests of clients in a wide variety of spaces, using light and glass to make an experiential focal point of functional art the space. Integrating color schemes, furnishings and texture patterns is my forte. Building on a theme, my creative process results in something unique for the client, while allowing their contribution to become part of the final product. Custom UL- Listed wiring is included for certified installation and inspection. Energy-efficient LED’s are available.