Night Train - CODAworx

Night Train

Client: Mr. & Mrs. Paul R. Neel, FAIA

Location: San Luis Obispo, CA, United States

Completion date: 2012

Project Team


Myra Burg

Myra Burg


Liz Cummings

Liz Cummings


Are these all the same project? Yes, if evolution counts. The first image indicates a grouping of Quiet Oboes arranged on a wall about 12' wide x 8' high. After enjoying the installation for a number of years, one of the clients was injured such that exiting the bed requires her to make contact with the wall to right herself. Thus, the Quiet Oboes needed to be re-installed in a new configuration.


The wall area adjacent to the bed needed to be cleared for the client to make contact as she exits the bed. Some of the Quiet Oboes were then moved to the guest cottage, other's to their son's home. The first installation, now thinned, became leggy. To keep the color lively, some of Liz Cummings original canvases were added to the project.


In addition to incorporating Mrs. Neel's physical needs, we offered a candy store collection of eight Liz Cummings pieces. The Neels chose the three seen here and they love that installation. Love it. Paul admitted to me after the whole grouping was re-installed that he wasn't fond of the canvases at first (Sorry Liz) however once the Quiet Oboes were floated over them, he was blown away. Why then, Paul, did you let me put them on the wall? "Myra, I trust you completely, and I'm always right." Thank you, Paul!

Additional Information

Paul Neel, FAIA is more than architect, he is former Dean, School of Architecture, Cal Poly former California State Architect, my extra dad. They own 5 or 6 separate installations of my work. Verla Neel is an educator as well, and my extra mom. Paul was my architecture thesis instructor. One can learn more about business, life and fun from these two spectacular people in one day than in an entire university semester. Imagine the knowlege they imparted to me during my thesis year and the years I've known them since 1981. If only I can remember it all.