Niche Restaurant - CODAworx

Niche Restaurant

Submitted by Nicole Lemkemeier

Client: Gerard Craft

Location: Saint Louis, MO, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $5,500

Project Team


Nicole Lemkemeier

Mirthworks, LLC


Niche Restaurant


Working with a large space above an open kitchen, I was commissioned to create a ceramic
installation piece that complimented not only the modern architecture of this urban restaurant but also highlighted the owner's interest in Missouri agriculture and natural assets. The large ceramic birds were created using a variety of hand-formed textures and the hundreds of circular tiles were installed individually with furniture tacks.


The space in which I was commissioned to install my artwork was a focal point of the restaurant . Each wall to the left and right of this space had colorful artwork already installed which was the impetus for using neutral colors in my project. There is a large painting to the right of my piece which is wooded landscape with several birds flying in the distance. I chose to use birds in my installation to not only create a connection to the painting, but to also create movement on this focal point wall. I think that my piece works as bridge between various modern and natural elements in the restaurant.


In creating this installation, I worked with the owner of the restaurant as well as representatives from the architectural firm that designed the space. My completed design differed greatly from the original concept and both the owner and architects were very supportive of my ideas. Once I presented my ceramic installation concept, the owner proposed adding the dark wooden paneling which was an important design element leading to the success of the harmonizing the various materials in the restaurant.