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Newark Airport Artist Susan Woods/ADKstudios

Submitted by ADKstudios

Client: Artist Susan Woods / ARchitect Rockwell Group

Location: Newark Airport, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $170,000

Project Team


Susan Woods


Industry Resource

Denise Penizzotto

Adirondack Studios

Industry Resource




Rockwell Group

Rockwell Group


ADKstudios fabricated Artist Susan Woods' “Wave Wall” for Rockwell Group's Newark Airport renovation. Working with the artist during each step of her design, ADKs created a mock-up for review before proceeding into fabrication. This ensured the Artist the end result of the art will be as intended with all the artistic nuances an individual artist is expecting from their fabricators. We worked with Susan from design drawings, engineering, CAD/vector files, fabricated to the detail including custom hardware designed specifically for the ease and speed of the installation requirements at the airport.


Susan Woods' walls are the artistic ambience to an otherwise typical pass-through airport environment. Integrating the work into the existing surrounding architecture enlivening the area with an artistic touch while maintaining the necessary flow of traffic and ease of way-finding was of utmost importance to the success of the piece.


A highly collaborative project with the artist as the central focus and force behind the team. The Rockwell Group as architects creating the new space, the Artist Susan Woods designing her work to create the atmosphere and ambiance of the particular location and ADKstudios' team of technical designers, engineer, production managers and skilled artisans all needed to be on-point at all times to make for this a cohesive step by step creation.

Additional Information

The delicacy of the material with its very thin veneer, soft stain and satin finish juxtaposed to the sturdy solid nature of the substrate and the needs of a highly trafficked area required a variety of skillsets to create the look and feel of this piece. The work can be seen at Newark Airport (Terminal C).