New York to Los Angeles - CODAworx

New York to Los Angeles

Submitted by Ashok Sinha

Client: Starbucks

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2018

Project Team


Tze Chun

Uprise Art

Creative Director

Lara Behnert



New York to Los Angeles is an ongoing series of aerial photographs shot during cross-continental flights between the two cities. I want to capture the beauty and abstract qualities of the landscape below, which often goes unnoticed despite the fact that millions of fellow travelers share this perspective every year.
With a self-made camera modification, I am deliberately limited when shooting through airplane windows, so I carefully choose specific seat assignments and flights to take into account seasonality and variations in flight paths. Since I only make photographs during extremely short timeframes relative to the duration of a typical flight, a lot of this work depends on a fair amount of trial and error, weather conditions, and a bit of plain luck.


New York City is known for a vibrant and varied gallery scene with exceptional photography, paintings, prints and sculpture. Its epicenter is Chelsea, with more than 300 galleries in just a few city blocks. The Starbucks store, located in a former art gallery on the corner of 26th Steet and 10th Avenue, celebrates art and its connection to the community. The new store features a wall of curated pieces to create a physical space where people can connect with new works of art.