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New York City 3000

Client: MTA Arts & Design

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team





MTA Arts & Design


“New York City 3000” is set in a retro sci-fi inspired version of New York City in the future. The story follows a variety of mischievous and funny creatures roaming around the futuristic city.

To bring this animation to life, MOTOMICHI mapped out the plots and placements of the creatures on a storyboard against a futuristic cityscape. An imaginary New York City of the future is portrayed in a collection of new and iconic buildings, including the Empire State Building, Chrysler Center, Guggenheim Museum, New York Subway and Fulton Center, capturing the energy and vibrancy of a city that never sleeps. The creatures, each with unique characteristics reflecting the diversity of the city’s inhabitants, populate the city as they commute to their destinations. Darting between iconic high rises or taking the subways in the sky, the animation brings a frenetic energy to the city much like the travelers passing through Fulton Center.


It was important for the installation to engage with commuters of all ages. I studied all 52 screens first and began sketching ideas based on their locations and sizes, considering how commuters can view and connect with the content.

For the large screens on the main floor, I combined both large and small animated figures so people can enjoy the animations from afar and see the details up close. I also wanted to ensure that families and children could enjoy the installations, so I placed small animated creatures within the reach of children.

For the screens in the walkthrough pathways, I focused more on horizontal movement across multiple screens, allowing commuters to walk alongside the animated figures as they pass through.