New Orleans Jazz Court - CODAworx

New Orleans Jazz Court

Client: Harrah's Corp.

Location: New Orleans, LA, United States

Completion date: 2001

Artwork budget: $1,800,000

Project Team


Mario Chiodo


Harrah's Corporation


Conversano and Associates hired me to tell the story of music that led to American Jazz thru sculpture for the Harrah's casino in the French Quarter in New Orleans. The installation is comprised of 11 deep reliefs of musicians that encircle the main casino floor, plus feature sculpture.


The architects had established the spaces for artwork, and I created panels that would fill that exact space. The sculpture could not depict actual musicians due to royalties, so all the musicians are generic but hint at age, race, economic standing, etc.


Jazz is an important legacy to America, and I found the subject exciting. After extensive research, I created models of the 11 panels and the feature sculpture for the client's consideration. Because the panels are 17-18' above FF, they had to be a significant size to be viewed from below. The figures are approximately 8' tall.

Additional Information

Because of the weight of bronze or stone, all of the artwork produced for the casino are lightweight and fire retardant, and given a faux finish. The final photo shows the panels after they were installed and without lighting.