New build Northern Ireland Hospice - CODAworx

New build Northern Ireland Hospice

Submitted by Ned Jackson Smyth

Client: Northern Ireland Hospice

Location: Belfast, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $6,700

Project Team


Ned Jackson Smyth


Mark Harvey


The title of this proposed artwork is ‘Support’.
This artwork represents something that is a whole made from two separate works with both elements needing each other to work as one…many parts making up each form creating a continuum of the overall forms.
artwork is simple in form and consists of two 3 metre circular Oak or Chestnut laminated four-sided beams with polyurethane or a formaldehyde (cascamite Glue).
The work stands 3 high with each face 120 x 90cm wide.
Approx weight 150kg – 180 Kg.


The ‘Creative Consultation’ highlighted the importance of the courtyard area as it offers a space to relax for all at the Hospice and that art could play a role to ‘…transform the atmosphere’ and this proposed artwork aims to play a part in this.


The work will be made in conjunction with master craftsman and furniture designer Mark Harvey; I have engaged the services of Mark Harvey in the past few years on other commissions. I had been awarded the design and commission and Mark worked along with me on the developing of the work and the making of the work. The work is free standing and was made off site and assembled on site in sectional forms.