Neu[ral path]Way, Shoalhaven City Council


Client: Shoalhaven City Council

Location: Nowra, Australia

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Project Officer Waste Services

Monica Willis

Shoalhaven City Council

Resource Recovery Projects Coordinator

Fiona Schreurs

Shoalhaven City Council


ReIMAGINE Sculpture Exhibition, part of Shoalhaven Environmental Expo and the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre. Neu[ral path]Way depicts an upscaled and abstracted interpretation of a neural pathway, a connection between neurons in the brain enabling nervous system signals. Our relationship with this planet is symbiotic – we are affected by and affect nature. Creatively utilising materials that would otherwise be discarded such as recycled metal and timber requires new patterns of thought. Creative thinking is an essential skill that will be required if we are to save our planet.


The Shoalhaven Environmental Expo is a free, family friendly event that aims to ReIMAGINE A Sustainable Future, to inspire and ignite passion for taking positive action towards sustainability in the home, neighbourhood and beyond. This is achieved through opportunities to test skills and knowledge with the experts through a range of interactive displays, workshops, demonstrations and discussions.

Exhibitors represent local initiatives, community partnerships and Council programs in areas such as Waste Minimisation, Recycling & Upcycling, Wildlife & Environmental Protection, and Bush, Coast & Waterways Management.


Elyssa Sykes-Smith followed the formal online application procedure, submitting a statement of intent and concept proposal, to the ReIMAGINE Sculpture Exhibition. Upon acceptance, the concept was taken through a process of design development in collaboration with a representative from SCC to discern location for all artworks, safety and installation methods and collaborative partners including a structural engineer and rigging technicians. Exhibiting artists were taken to the Shoalhaven Waste Depo to learn about the waste services and recycling procedures, and to select discarded materials to create their artworks from.