Client: Iregular

Location: Montreal, QC, Canada

Completion date: 2024

Project Team

Sound Designer, Producer, Creator and Artistic Design.


Sound Designer, Producer, Creator and Artistic Design.



NEST is a sound-focused digital artwork that changes the way we are used to experiencing interactive art.

Upon entering the room, people notice a buzzing sound coming from a colony of insects flying in harmony. As they curiously get closer to the central NEST, their human presence disrupts the natural peace which activates the experience: it is the insects’ turn to disturb the visitors until they step away from their habitat.

This project is the first to use SONAR, our new sound location technology. Combining our proprietary tracking system, directional ultrasonic speakers, robotic arms, and a very specific sound design, we can now create sound experiences that follow participants and expose every person in the very same room to a different sonic reality.


NEST is born from our commitment to push the boundaries of audio, an often-overlooked feature of interactive experiences.

Audio design takes up 50% of the importance of all the artworks we create at Iregular. Because it’s not visible however, it is the visual aspect that often ends up in the limelight. It is crucial to keep in mind that we produce AUDIOvisual experiences; without the audio, the experience loses a lot in impact and quality. In our 14 years of experience in public art, we’ve come to realize that we cannot fully explore sound as there has always been a struggle with its use in public spaces. We often need to adjust and lower its levels or cut it altogether depending on the context and location.

Our new groundbreaking sound-location technology, SONAR, answers all these concerns, and NEST is the first project to incorporate and showcase the capabilities of this technology.

NEST is more than a display of technological prowess; it's a bold exploration of how sound can redefine the boundaries of digital art and create full-blown multi-sensory experiences. With this project, we invite audiences to immerse themselves in an environment where technology and art are completely intertwined, offering a glimpse into the future of what interactive art can be.