Neon Planes

Submitted by Caron Bowman


Client: City of West Palm Beach

Location: West Palm Beach,, FL, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Caron Bowman


Society of Four Arts


Neon Planes art installation is an interactive 8ft x 9ft puzzle on canvas and the pieces when put together creates a floor mural that glows under blacklight. This temporary public art installation provides the public with a full sensory interactive experience where they can see, feel, and touch the art. The installation is painted with light reactive fluorescent paint that emits light under blacklights


Neon Planes interactive art installation was originally commissioned by the City of West Palm Beach and conceived as a complementary art piece to prominent light&;sculptor Jen Lewin's interactive pool installation. The idea was to create an interactive light based work that the public could touch and interact with. As part of the City's new percent for art program, they wanted to create temporary installations in downtown West Palm Beach to encourage members of the public to interact with visual art. Moreover, to broaden audiences, diversify the ideas and perception of visual art in the public sphere.


Neon Planes is truly an interactive collaboration with the public. Due to the mural being in modular puzzle form, it allows the public to manipulate the various pieces of canvas into a work of art. The public can follow the design pattern or reshuffle the pieces to create their own design. Consequently, the spectator becomes the artist.
Generally, the public only interacts visually with a mural for a few minutes during an exhibition. With this installation, I created something that went beyond the bounds of traditional mural practice and allowed the public to interact with the art piece for a much longer period of time and feel participatory in the exhibition process. . The use of black-light reactive paint shifts the viewer's perception of color and light which creates hyper-color ,like what is seen on modern electronic screens. By breaking the mural into puzzle pieces, this creates abstract color planes at the micro-level and a cubist image on the macro-level. The experience of art to me is always active, and in a fundamental sense should be interactive.

Additional Information

Often artwork is viewed in an environment that is "look but don't touch" but with this art installation the public was invited to come and participate. The installation also broke down the barrier that make people feel intimidated about visual art.