Neo-Gothic Rockets

Submitted by Carol Salmanson


Client: 254 Park Avenue South, Smart Spaces

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $12,000

Project Team


Carol Salmanson



"Neo-Gothic Rockets", 2011 Window installation of prismatic reflective sheeting, gel filters, vellum, backlighting in a Park Avenue 2nd Floor window in New York City.
East windows: 14' (168") H x 11'2" (134") H
South windows: 15.75' (189") W x 11'2" (134") H
mirror the urban rhythms of the neighborhood.


The site-specific window installation "Neo-Gothic Rockets" was commissioned by the owner of 254 Park Avenue South for the corner windows of the second floor. The piece used light and reflective sheeting to play with the building's architecture, embossed medallions on its spandrels, and arrows on its sides, and the energy of the neighborhood.


"Neo-Gothic Rockets" was a collaborative project with SmartSpaces to re-imagine this vacant space into visually stimulating work that engaging the public. In daylight, the shapes of the building's ornamentation were used to create a shimmering composition of industrial reflective sheeting in primary colors. At night, these shapes were backlit by the geometric glow of secondary colors that created variations of the lines of the windows and mullions. Together they created a sense of movement, amplifying the building's architecture to mirror the urban rhythms of the neighborhood.