Nebula: Light Creation by Anthony Bruni - CODAworx

Nebula: Light Creation by Anthony Bruni

Submitted by Anthony Bruni


Client: Wee Farm

Location: Crete, IL, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Anthony Bruni


Darnell Moore


Andrea DelCastillo

Wee Farm


Nebula was created to inspire and encourage curiosity and the creative process. It is a temporary, site specific time based Light projection installation.


Our goals were simple.. to invent, design and create a Light Based Public Art Installation that inspires the local community to create with gusto, learn about optics, collaborate, and develop new STEM based Art projects.


The collaboration process was very organic. Artist and Designer Anthony Bruni teamed up with Wee Farms Volunteers to share an immersive light Installation with the community. Resources, materials and tools were gathered, techniques refined and the installation itself exceeded our expectations. After seeing the installation several photographers & filmmakers are eager to help document the next Lightworks Project!

Additional Information

We loved creating these immersive Light Sculptures and Environments and plan on creating many more! Our team has grown and we will be adding a new steel CNC fabrication company and an outstanding team to create large scale permanent pieces in the future.