Nautical Swing - CODAworx

Nautical Swing

Client: San Francisco Redevelopment Authority

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $161,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

Andrew Vrana, Joe Meppelink, Armando Arteaga



Matthew Geller

Industry Resource

Strandberg Engineers

Industry Resource

Blumenthal Fabrication


Matthew Geller, Artist was commissioned by San Franscisco Redevelopment Authority for a project at the Hunter Point Shipyard development. Inspired by the WWII-era ship building structures in the bay, he created an assembly of components that consisted of a roof, three columns and a massive community swing suspended from three beams. The swing glides on four rods with universal joints with a sweeping view of the bay bridge in the distance. Metalab provided design optimization and construction management for this whimsical structure with structural engineering provided by Strandberg Engineers in California.


The structure was fabricated in Houston by Blumenthal Sheet Metal, hot dip galvanized and shipped to SF as a series of large assemblies to be erected in a few days on site. The waffle-grid roof is parametrically designed to minimize weight and material.