National WWII Monument - CODAworx

National WWII Monument

Submitted by Kaskey Studio, LLC


Client: National Battle Monuments Commission

Location: Washington, DC, United States

Completion date: 2004

Artwork budget: $7,000,000

Project Team


Friedich St. Florian

Landscape Architect

Oehme Van Sweden


Raymond Kaskey

Kaskey Studio, LLC


My role was in the design and fabrication of all bronze elements, including: the baldacchino, wheat and oak leaf wreaths and rope motif of the state pillars, flagpole bases, wall of stars, and the twenty-four bas reliefs illustrating the unity of the country during WWII.


The two goals were to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness through the courage and sacrifice of the fighting men as well as illustrating the unity of the nation on the home-front. Both these could only be achieved by the seamless integration of the figural elements that form a cohesive narrative which should be visually obvious to the public.


The collaboration between architect, sculptor, and client resulted in the sculptural elements becoming part of the fabric of the architecture so that one would not be complete without the other. We drew inspiration from collaboration between Henry Bacon, Architect, and Daniel Chester French, Sculptor of the Lincoln Memorial.