‘Narnia’ - CODAworx


Submitted by Maurice Harron

Client: Belfast City Council

Location: CS Lewis Square, Belfast, Ireland

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $350,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

Neil Gormley

AllGo Engineering Mechanical Ltd.,

Industry Resource

Kieran Moore

Industry Resource

Albert Fry Structural Design Engineers

Albert Fry Associates


Michael Harron


Brief was to design and make something to celebrate the creative work of CS Lewis for the new CS Lewis Square in city of Belfast. I designed and made sculptures of the characters of 'Narnia' – Tumnus the Faun, Mister and Mrs Beaver, Maugrim the Wolf, The Stone Table, Jadis the Witch and Aslan the Lion.


I produced the concept for the landscape of 'Narnia' which included fabrication of 7 sculptures. Belfast City Council accepted this goal and they assembled the team of engineers and designers to realise the project, in collaboration with me.


I met with City of Belfast officials, ARUP architects, Paul Hogarth Landscape Designers, community representatives each month for 16 months. We shared landscape designs and modifications. I prepared a Powerpoint presentation showing progress for each month.

Additional Information

We employed the services of community artists and performers to work with 600 members of local community on 6 creative projects (Dance, Music, Video, Drama, Creative Writing, Choral Singing.)