Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens & Sculpture Park, Kilauea, Kauai, Hawaii

Submitted by Christine Knapp Sculpture


Client: Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens and Sculpture Park

Location: Kilauea, Kauai, HI, United States

Artwork budget: $150,000

Project Team


Christine Knapp

owner/founder Na Aina Kai

Joyce Doty

Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens and Sculpture Park

full service fine art bronze casting, fabrication and patina

Monte & Bev Paddleford owners

Eagle Bronze Foundry

fine art bronze casting, fabrication and patina

Tony Workman owner

Art Castings of Colorado


My Caribou, moose and whitetail deer bronzes were selected to be permanent installations in this, the largest sculpture park in the USA. Over the span of several years they commissioned me to create more sculptures as the park expanded. The moose and caribou were created for the Denali-themed area while the whitetail and her faun were chosen for a more generic section of this expansive diverse 240 acre park whose name translates to “Lands by the Sea”. It was my honor and pleasure to be part of this magnificent project.


Anatomical accuracy and natural poses for each animal were very important for ensuring that the overall look of each setting was authentic. This goal was imperative to me as well as to the park owner and design team.


I worked closely with the landscape designer, project manager and owner of the Gardens by keeping in constant touch with sketches, progress images of the clay precasts and patina development. Collaboration with Eagle Bronze Foundry, Lander, Wyoming and Art Castings of Colorado, Loveland, Colorado ensured that the structural integrity and quality of each casting was high quality.