Client: UT Southwestern Medical Center

Location: Dallas, TX, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Tom McKerrow, Jorge Diaz, Michael Morris, Gary V. Jones, Kevin Jacobs, Lance Lander

TM Graphics

Art Consultants

Alan Simmons and Lindsey Carneal

Carneal Simmons Contemporary Art

Interior Design

Hoefer Wysocki


MYRIAD envisions a multiplicity of potentials, unfolding in time and space, connecting a place of healing and science to our celestial and molecular selves.

The piece references collective behavior and spatial intelligence as a major source of inspiration and research, where algorithmic patterns represent interactions between individuals, leading to the emergence of “intelligent” global behavior from nature, particularly biological systems.
Combining epic scale with a sense of quiet timelessness, MYRIAD offers a calm yet complex vision for contemplating how our intertwining interactions impact our collective health and well-being.


Experienced in developing artwork for health care facilities, Roney Studio approached this commission with a deep consideration of the function of the site as a psychiatric treatment center and the need for the artwork to articulate a sense of peace and tranquility while simultaneously serving to anchor the lobby space with a grand gesture maximizing visual impact.

The durational experience of the artwork was also conceived to be uniquely sensitive to the experience of family members and patients, so much of whom’s time in the space is spent in a state of waiting. By developing fluid, multilayered visual experiences, interactions between light and form respond to transitory movements, revealing themselves at different proximities and paces. Undulating views shift organic and ordered states of form to emphasize a kinetic experience physically engaging the viewer as it unfolds in time.


A unique iteration in Danielle Roney’s “Particulate” series, MYRIAD combines an algorithmic, computational design based process with intricate hand fabrication.
The sculpture consists of 5465 of hollow stainless steel spheres, with 1304 cables of over 6.5 miles of stainless steel cable spanning the 64’ length of the sculpture footprint.

MYRIAD examines how art and science can work together to contribute to the future of our well being; incorporating advances in technology while maintaining a sense of embodied humanity, contributing to the experience and interactions patients, staff, and family members occuring daily at Clements University Hospital, at the UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Additional Information

The Artwork is a Gift of Barbara Thomas Lemmon in honor of her husband, Mark L. Lemmon, M.D.