Mushroom Playground - CODAworx

Mushroom Playground

Submitted by VerteX Design Studio

Client: The Green Chateau

Location: Encino, CA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $35,000

Project Team


Pooya Goudarzi

VerteX design studio


Reza Bagherzadeh

VerteX design studio

Structural Engineer

Armineh Gharibian

ENA structural


This Mushroom is 12′ in height and 9′ in base diameter and 16′ diameter at the head base. Working with a client who commissioned VerteX design studio to design and build a gigantic mushroom structure for an indoor playground.


The client goal was to build a playful mushroom that can be a place for kids' creativity. So the mushroom needed to have as many as options to play with in and out. The design process started with the safety consideration of the kids and liability of the owner. The materiality of the mushroom had to be light and be able to disassemble after a couple of years. The mushroom has 3 levels inside. A slide, climbing ramp, observation deck, vertical access shaft, main entrance are the elements of the design


The process started with modeling the mushroom in 3D and making sure the height and dimension works for the kids as well as inside the space. The design team had multiple meetings with structural engineers to study the forces and materials for seismic lateral movement as well as playful kids. Then, the approved design had been processed for digital fabrication, and made the 2D file for CNC cut. Every piece numbered and digitally step by step installation had been studied for any obstruction in the actual size installation.
The result was smooth installation just in 2 days.

Additional Information

Since the opening of the place, the owner were so happy that the mushroom become their main attraction for the business and kids love to play with is without any limitation of the age group. It is also become an icon for business instagram account.