Mural at Microsoft - CODAworx

Mural at Microsoft

Submitted by Nayaki Anandan


Client: Microsoft

Location: Redmond, WA, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $3,500

Project Team


Lili Cheng

Microsoft FUSElabs


Nayaki Anandan


Lili Cheng

Microsoft FUSElabs


A 9'x12' mural completed using Prismacolor ArtStix on a prepared wall. Commissioned by Microsoft for a social space.


The artwork was meant to be something that could be looked at repeatedly by the same viewer, and not become uninteresting. Therefore, a variety of designs were created specifically for the space, and one design was chosen. Revisions of that design were made until a final piece was agreed upon.


Since I was the only artist, I created sketches and sent them to the commissioner. She asked for certain revisions, and I responded with them until we created a piece that was conceptually balanced, and had elements of realism while still being fantastic.