Mother & Child - CODAworx

Mother & Child

Submitted by Kenneth Speiser

Client: City of Providence Rhode Island

Location: Providence, RI, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $4,000

Project Team


Kenneth Speiser

Public Art Agent

City of Providence


I-195 Commission
315 Iron Horse Way, Suite 101
Providence, RI, 02908
Subject: The Creative Mile – Highway Relocation Project. I proposed to make a sculpture in two pieces titled “Mother & Child”. Constructed of steel, Mother will stand 8’-6” tall and Child will stand 4’-9” tall. Both pieces will be primed and painted red, yellow, black and white, and will require little or no maintenance.


This sculpture titled “Mother & Child” represents two themes related to the I-195 Redevelopment District. The Mother figure is there to nurture and guide her Child looking to the future of this creative mile, while the colorful elements reference the iconography of the construction trade and the work being done in developing the New Providence.


There are two freestanding sculptures titled “Mother” and “Child” each fabricated out of 16 gauge steel, welded to their own base plate of 1/8 inch steel. Each baseplate has four holes to accommodate four solid steel rebar stakes that when driven into the ground will hold the sculptures in place. Each sculpture will be primed and painted red, yellow, black and white.

Mother stands 8’ - 6” tall x 2’ - 6” wide and will weigh approximately 132 lbs. including base.
Child stands 4’ - 9” tall x 16” wide and will weigh approximately 37 lbs. including base

Additional Information

This sculpture is part of a series of "Road Construction" inspired pieces I have been working on for the past 25 years.