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Location: Sankt Veit an der Glan, Austria

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Concept, design, electronics engineering and fabrication

Nicholas Perillo

Augmentl Studio

Software development

Joshua Batty


Firmware and software development

Mitchell Nordine



MORPH is an exploration of the relationship between humanity and robotics. It is both a creative endeavour and a deep-dive into technological anthropomorphism. Composed of more than 80,000 LED lights, 486 motors, MORPH demonstrates the emergence of complex behaviour through well-orchestrated simplicity.

MORPH TE (Taggenbrunn Edition) was developed, designed and built in its entirety by Nicholas Perillo (Augmentl Studio), Joshua Batty and Mitchell Nordine (MindBuffer). MORPH TE’s deeply considered artistic expression observed outwardly in the visible compositions of light, movement and sound, can likewise be found in the inner compositions of steel, hand-shaped copper, folded aluminium, precision carbon fibre and custom electronics.

– 486 Stepper Motors
– 80,000+ LED
– 2500+ individual 3D Printed components using the latest 3D printing technology
– Completely custom software and firmware stack written in Rust language harnessing Nannou, a creative coding framework developed by MindBuffer
– 5 channel spatial audio system with a generative granular synthesis engine utilised to create otherworldly soundscapes
– Designed, built and programmed in its entirety by three artists


MORPH TE was commissioned as a standalone piece within a new media art gallery in Burg Taggenbrunn, Austria. The goal was to create a highly bespoke and otherworldly sculpture to contrast the surrounding 12th-century castle walls.


This was a collaboration between Augmentl Studio and MindBuffer. Altogether only a small team of 3 people.
Nicholas Perillo of Augmentl Studio was the original creator of the concept and was responsible for the design, electronics engineering and fabrication of the piece. Joshua Batty and Mitchell Nordine of MindBuffer were responsible for the completely custom software and firmware development to bring MORPH TE to life.

Additional Information

MORPH TE resides within the permanent exhibition titled ZEITRÄUM, curated by the celebrated multimedia artist André Heller. The exhibition, which opened to the public in July 2021, is presented in the beautifully renovated Burg Taggenbrunn in Sankt Veit an der Glan, Austria, situated above Weingut Taggenbrunn. ZEITRÄUM is described as “an interplay of imagination and information, sounds and light”.