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Moonsets for a Sunrise

Client: Beverly Center

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team


Pae White

Pae White Studio


Beverly Center


For the east-facing La Cienega escalator, White has created a vast tile mural of moonlight. Using colors associated with four types of moons—harvest moon, strawberry moon, blue moon, and snow moon—the mural is composed of 73,635 pieces of tile glazed in over 100 colors. Metallic glazes in copper, gold, and platinum add dimension and focus, a dazzling punctuation of reflected moonlight. The multicolor four-part modules—and no color combination module repeats across the entire expanse—allow for shifts in orientation and rich color. Indeed, the complexity of color is akin to that of impressionist painting: a shadow might be composed of dozens of purple hues. The moonlight colors, shining across the wall as if cast from outside the passageway, create a dazzling and tactile visitor experience, especially for those reveling in the new nightlife at Beverly Center. Rendering something as ethereal as moonlight in earthy clay demonstrates the artist’s innovative way of thinking about everyday materials and with them, transforming everyday places into spectacular artworks.


The installation comprises of 3,900 square feet with over 41,000 individual tiles in 96 colors. The colors are meant to invoke the differing hues of a full moon: harvest, strawberry, blue and snow, as well as metallic tiles.

“In their simultaneous explorations of the phenomenological effects of light,” says White, “both art installations generate different experiences during the day and the night. The neon of ‘Day for Night for Day’ offers one kind of experience during daylight hours and another kind at night when its illumination is most prominent. The same applies to ‘Moonsets for a Sunrise,’ though conversely: the “moonlight” colors are most glorious in the morning sun.”

The new art installations are organized by esteemed independent curator, Jenelle Porter. “Pae has matched Taubman’s commitment to the Los Angeles art community with these two ambitious art installations,” said Porter. “In my opinion, she is the only artist who could make such incredibly beautiful and keenly intelligent works for Beverly Center; artworks that will contribute to the already rich cultural landscape of this city.”


Glazed ceramic

70’ x 220’ x 0"

Additional Information

“As with all of our centers, Beverly Center’s retail, dining and event offerings, have all been designed with the community in mind,” said William S. Taubman, Chief Operating Officer of Taubman Centers. “Through our partnership with Jenelle Porter, we are proud to continue our commitment to Los Angeles’ thriving artistic community by working with world-renowned artist Pae White. Pae’s awe-inspiring installations are a true reflection of the city she calls home.” This project is a continuation of the art program that began in 2016 during Beverly Center’s two-and-a-half-year renovation. It featured temporary art installations by L.A. artists Tanya Aguiñiga, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Ed Fella, Julian Hoeber, Karen Kimmel, Barbara Kruger, Liz Larner, Anthony Lepore, Sharon Lockhart, Geoff McFetridge, Dave Muller, Catherine Opie, Harsh Patel, and Gary Simmons.