Moonlight Creative Group 20th Anniversary Commission


Client: Moonlight Creative Group, Dawn Newsome, Founder

Location: Charlotte, NC, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $3,000

Project Team


Carmella Jarvi

Brushmark Studios, LLC

Interior Designer

Mary Jo Major Design

Photograph final project images

Mitchell Kearney Photography


Moonlight Creative Group Commission Carmella Jarvi’s water glass rounds. This wall-mounted kiln glass piece has overall area of 3.5’ by 7’. (Rounds are 3” to 15” in diameter by varying distances from the wall.) Installed in 2017 in Moonlight Creative Group Charlotte, NC office. Photo by Mitchell Kearney Photography.

Moonlight Creative Group’s Interior Designer, Mary Jo Major, was redoing their office to celebrate 20 years. Mary Jo and Moonlight Creative Group Founder, Dawn Newsome, both thought Jarvi’s glass would be a gorgeous showpiece for their conference room/area client sees first. Jarvi used her signature water glass techniques translated into a beautiful sky with moon focal point — a twist on client’s “moonlight” brand.


Artist was tasked to create something stunning, original and that played off their brand — while complementing new color palette and aesthetic of space. Moonlight Creative Group is all about space and creativity. They wanted something contemporary and artsy.


First, Dawn and Mary Jo visited Jarvi’s Charlotte glass studio to see existing work, and her process. After visit, the artist met them in the freshly painted office space, bringing samples and sketches to discuss.

Once budget and final arrangement/basic color palette was agreed upon, artist created glass color samples. There was back and forth around the final color combinations. Once all details were decided, Bullseye Glass was ordered for project. Jarvi began complex process of many firings and layers, with different cold working in between.

The main goal of piece (like most of Jarvi's work) is to capture water — in an abstract form/expression. She utilizes kiln heat and gravity to push the glass, creating rich color, depth, and suggesting movement.

Artist met installation deadline for the 20th Anniversary events and exceeded expectations. See Founder’s comments in the additional information section.

Moonlight Creative Group Blog Post About Process:

Additional Information

“Being a creative firm, you'd think our space was filled with original art. But alas, it was not. That is, until we commissioned Carmella Jarvi to create a one of a kind masterpiece that not only matches our brand but takes our space to a whole new level! Throughout the process, I was continually impressed with Carmella's attention to detail and tireless dedication to getting each and every piece of glass just right. She met with myself and our interior designer multiple times, showing us work in progress, making notes about what we loved and what we didn't. Carmella made sure we always met in the space where the art would live to make sure she was creating something that would feel like a natural fit in the room. Because of the nature of glass art creation, the process took several months. Carmella was great about keeping us updated on her progress along the way and finished in plenty of time to unveil the new art at our 20th-anniversary party. We are beyond thrilled with the finished installation and continue to get "oohs" and "aahs" as clients see it for the first time. I would not hesitate to recommend Carmella to anyone looking for beautiful glass art — customized to your needs.”  - Dawn Newsome