MOON SENTINEL, LED light installation - CODAworx

MOON SENTINEL, LED light installation

Client: University of Kentucky

Location: Lexington, KY, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team

Executive Dir. for Strategic Analysis and Policy

Melody Flowers

University of Kentucky

Assoc. Dir Gaines Center for the Humanities

Chelsea Brislin

University of Kentucky

Art work

Helene Steene

Steene Studio


MOON SENTINEL, 55×24 foot LED stunning light display translated from 7×4 foot painting on the corner of a new building in a busy intersection, on the University of Kentucky campus. This LED light display is the first in Lexington, KY and its location is visible in many directions. The Cornerstone. The display will be used on a rotating bases for university general information, important issues, right now covid and black lives matter, and art. It has sparked strong interest, and was long anticipated.


The LED light display structure was part of the design of the building from the start. How the wall will be used, will surely change and develop over the years, as it is a "living" art form, but the Moon Sentinel was part of the inauguration.


Once the building was built and the LED display installed, a call went out for art that somehow related to covid or black lives matter. The moon was selected as a magic and beautiful part of the Universe that is there for everyone on this planet, as the moon is something that people find fascinating around the world, and that affects nature in many subtle ways.

Additional Information

It was quite wonderful to see it lit up for the first time at dusk, and hear the intakes of breaths from the crowd present. A 55 feet tall glowing painting that brought out the cheers. As I have always wished to see my paintings on a scale larger than I can paint, it was a treat.