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Moon Gate

Submitted by xiaojing yan


Client: Jinji Lake Art Museum

Location: Suzhou, China

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


xiaojing yan


Moon Gate was commissioned by Jinji Lake Art Museum in Suzhou, China, and was installed outside at the square. This work was inspired by traditional moon gate, a circular opening in classical Chinese garden.


The work uses dichroic glass as material. In the work, each small glass piece will be connected by steel cable, and there is only one fixed point in the center, so all small glasses will turn around with wind, and light and colors will also change with every slight movement of glasses. These small glass squares will frame the cityscape in the environment and transform it with its own fleeting and changing light and color. Real and unreal, ethereal and concrete come together. The artist uses borrowing-scenes strategy of classical Chinese garden to create scene-within-scene visual and aesthetic effect, and provide viewers with moving images when they gaze at the work, as if they are touring around a space. Moreover, as artist take the moon gate away from the context of traditional Chinese garden and put it into an urban space where people, movements, activities are busy and constantly change, thus brings a dialogue between the past and the present, the socialized and the reclusive, the practical and the meditative together. It complicates communal space with a spiritual and cultural intervention, or suspension, and creates new public life experience that is rooted in intimate relationship with tradition and contemporary life.


I worked closely with Jiangsu Meijing Cultural Industry & Development Co., Ltd.