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Modulated 32 (#1) and (#2)

Client: Continuum Partners

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2020

Project Team


Andrew Huffman

Project Manager

John Grant

Public Art Services


In 2018 Public Art Services began working with Continuum Partners to develop a vision for the art programming for their redevelopment project at 9th Ave & Colorado Blvd in Denver, CO. This redevelopment project reintegrates the former 26-acre University of Colorado School of Medicine campus into the surrounding neighborhood fabric by blending apartments and townhomes with retail, offices and new public green spaces.

For Block 4 Denver based painter Andrew Huffman was commissioned to create two paintings that would serve as focal points on the exterior of the parking garage at Albion St and 9th Pl. Choosing his color palate carefully, Huffman created two striking, bold, patterned, geometric compositions that draw attention to the North and East entrances of the parking garage. Modulated 32 (#1) & Modulated 32 (#2) both employ the same pentagonal tessellation pattern and color palates but differ in the placement of the colors creating a visual conversation between the two compositions as you round the corner of the building. The works are named for the 32 colors used in each composition. In order to scale the work properly for the site Huffman created the two paintings at 1/12 the scale of the final printed Structurflex panels which measure 47’ 1” x 32’ (North) and 49’ 1” x 40’ 11” (East).


The goal for this project was to identify an artist whose work would add visual interest to the exterior of a parking garage. Andrew Huffman's bold, geometric patterns do just that. Adding a contemporary feel to a new community focused development project.


In 2019 artist Andrew Huffman was selected for the commission. Huffman created two original paintings at 1/12 scale of the final printed dimensions. These paintings were then translated into printed Structurflex, a perforated, polyvinyl coated mesh. Public Art Services provided the following services: Design coordination, Materials research, Budget management, Fabrication oversight, Scheduling, and Project close-out.