Modern Saxophone


Client: City of Alpharetta

Location: Alpharetta, GA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $22,500

Project Team

Industry Resource

James Carnes

C&A Welding

Industry Resource

Pirkle Fabrication

Pirkle Fabrication


Gregory Johnson


The task was to create a modern musical instrument in a public scale. I chose the modern saxophone as the vehicle to make my statement. The work consists of stainless steel balls and were assembled on a central structure. Size is 13' 6″ x 9' x 2' deep.


Alpharetta city is creating a new forward thinking urbanism. The city wished to reflect their musical heritage from the 1800's and frame it in a modern context.


Discussion was brought forward by the city mayor in a public meeting for creating artwork that would celebrate their musical heritage thru a group of 10 sculptures. After many meetings it was decided to call for entries with resulting competition among national sculptures. This resulted in the selection of five sculptures with a $100,000 budget cap. The works have been installed and the citizens are delighted to see all of the exciting new works around the city center.