Client: Peach Bowl INc.

Location: Atlanta, GA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $250,000

Project Team


Gregory Johnson

Industry Resource

James Carnes

C&A Welding

Industry Resource

Edgar Hernandez

Atlantis Waterjet


Modern Peach is 28' high, by 21' wide by 9'3″ deep. Material is 316 stainless steel mirror and brushed finish, all weighing in around 10,000 lbs. Includes LED changing light system.


The design of the Modern Peach reflected some of the elements of Peach Bowl Inc's. corporate logo. Other aspects were designed as complimentary features that are not reflected in their logo. The goal was an elegant, simple and inspirational work of art. Something that was interactive, and would bring joy and a smile to everyone who sees it.


Once the contract was detailed, the actual design and engineering work began. Finding the correct engineer, who understood my artistic needs and marrying them to the structural work was the most time consuming and difficult part of the project. There were many other issues that had to be resolved in the fabrication shop, with over 175 artisans touching this project.

Additional Information

I like looking up...that is inspirational for me. This is a metaphor to looking up spiritually towards God, towards peace and hope and positive mentalities.