Mobile Suspension - CODAworx

Mobile Suspension

Client: City of Spartanburg - Chapman Cultural Center

Location: Spartanburg, SC, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Erwin Redl

Paramedia LLC


Brian Phillips

Productions Unlimited


Kinetic Installation with 7000 transparent acrylic swatches
5 curtains, each curtain 51 x 12 ft (L x H), Overall 115 x 71 x 30 ft (L x W x H)
Public Agency: Bloomberg Philanthropies Public Art Challenge Grant administered by the Chapman Cultural Center, Spartanburg, SC

Five multicolored mobile curtains float above the center lawn of Denny’s Plaza, located in the heart of Spartanburg’s Downtown Cultural District. Each curtain is 51 feet long and 12 feet high and consists of a woven pattern of four-inch translucent acrylic squares.
The installation was designed to create a dazzling visual experience that changes depending on the time of day, the viewer’s position, and weather conditions. More than 150 community volunteers, including the girls’ volleyball team from Wofford College and Spartanburg Police officers, used specially designed metal clips to connect the nearly 7,000 acrylic squares that make up the mobile’s curtains. The rectangular shape of the site, and the modular façade of Denny’s headquarters building gave the artist Erwin Redl an opportunity to play with subtle variations within a grid.


I am interested in creating a kaleidoscopic experience for viewers that is fresh with each new encounter.