Mississippi River Delta - CODAworx

Mississippi River Delta

Submitted by BrottWorks Design Studio

Client: Private Residence

Location: New Orleans, LA, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Andrew Brott

BrottWorks Design Studio


Kellie Grengs


This custom wall installation consists of Five Kiln Fired Topographical Hand Carved Glass Plates and corresponding Giclée prints. A Mississippi River Delta satellite image was the foundation for the design for this private residence with sweeping views of the river.


The client is in the maritime industry and the river is a significant part of their life. The main goal was to create a sculptural wall installation reflective of their industry. The vibrant colors of the Giclée are harmonious to the selected textiles in this living space.


The collaboration between BrottWorks Design Studio and the client is a key to successful work. Research and imagery were provided to the client and a proposed layout for the space was created to guide the process. Artist Kellie Grengs created the Giclée prints as the foundation for the design. Artist Andrew Brott then hand carved the topography to create the kiln fired glass plates. Artist Johnny Watson created the welded metal frames to support the prints and glass.

Additional Information

Dimensions of the work: Two Panels @ 12" x 44" and Three Panels @ 18" x 44"