Mirage - CODAworx


Client: Ivanhoe Cambridge

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Project Team


Adrian Scott

Go2 Productions


Ivanhoe Cambridge

Industry Resource

Brock Lumsden

BOLD Event Creative


MIRAGE was an incredible 360º immersive audio-visual experience that was launched on 28th June, 2016 in British Columbia’s largest mall. The projected content took attendees on a journey of colourful 3D illusions and expansive transformations. The mirrored floor and ceiling created an all-encompassing infinity effect that greatly amplified the visual experience.


The creative challenge was to design an experience that appealed to all ages ranging from the very young to the old. To overcome this, we designed the experience around colour, geometry and depth perception. The experience starts out simple, showing a grid of white dots on a black background on just one wall, that calmly shrinks and grows with the audio track. The dots then compress into flat lines and expand outwards to fill the entire room with stripes. As the stripes meet opposite, the walls appear to push outwards, giving the illusion the room expanding outwards. With this new perceived space, we began playing with distance, geometric transformations, rotations, lighting and texture effects giving the sensation of being in a much larger room.


For this project, we worked closely with BOLD Event Creative, who originally came up with the concept and also engineered and built the structure. We were responsible for developing the technology solution and designing and producing the projected content and soundscape.

Additional Information

Mirage was inspired by Dr Who’s Tardis. From outside Mirage looks like a big cube, but once you are inside it, your brain thinks that it’s a lot bigger. Just like the Tardis! And with it’s colorful 3D graphics from geometry shapes to flowers and sunbursts, we knew the creative would appeal to everyone.